Sightseeing in mysore

We arrived at mysore yesterday by shatabdi express.Yesterday we could not visit any of the places because of rain.So today we are starting the tour at 8.00 am.We had breakfast at a hotel nearby.At 8.00 am a car showed up in the front of the hotel.The first place to visit in our tour was Mysore zoo.The zoo was very beautiful.You can walk with the birds.

At the zoo

The next place to visit was nandi hills.You can get a view of the city from here.

View of the city

Then we went  to the sand museum where sculptures were made out of sand.

Sand museum
Sand museum

Then we went to the wax museum where sculptures were made from wax.After that we went to the palace and after that we went to have lunch at a restaurant.After lunch we went to st philomena’s church and after that we went to srirangapatna.There we went to see tipu sultan,s fort, gumbaz

The gumbaz

and bird sanctuary.And the last place but not least is the brindavan garden

Brindavan garden

.We walked through the garden 20150512-0124.jpegand then headed towards the musical fountain.We headed towards the musical fountain early

At the musical fountain

because if we arrive late we won,t find a seat . The musical fountain started at 7.00 pm.After the show while were crossing the bridge it started and then there was a total chaos,everyone was running when it started raining heavily..We took shelter under a shop but even  waiting after 20 minutes,the rain showed no sign of stopping.We decided that there was no point in standing here so we ran towards the parking lot and called the driver. He came and picked us up.It was a total traffic jam as thousands  were trying to get out in their vehicles at the same time.We reached mysore at 8.45 pmand we returned to the hotel.Comments are welcome.


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