On board the Chennai – Mysore Shatabdi Express

It was early morning(around 4.45 am) when we were heading towards Chennai Central station to board the Chennai – Mysore Shatabdi Express. The train is to be departed at platform 2A. At 5.15am the train rolled in platform 2A. We had booked tickets for executive class,so our coach was E1.

Interior of E1

At 5.45 am water bottle and news paper were being distributed. At 6.02 am(2 minutes late)the train departed Chennai Central station.Soon it catched great speed.
Around 6.30 am morning tea was served.

Morning tea

The coach E1 was made in 2006, But the seats were comfortable

The seats

.After it crossed arakkonam  at 7.00 am,we were served cornflakes with milk and sugar

Cornflakes with milk and sugar

. After that we were given 3 slices of bread,butter chiplet , orange marmalade,banana and mango juice and as i opted for non veg i got a omellete with capsicum and green chillies in it and some boiled green peas and 2 fried pieces of potato,While the veg breakfast was idli, vada, sambhar and coconut chutney. At 9.00 am the train stopped at jolarpettai station for some minutes which was not a official halt as the train stops only at bangalore city station. At around 10.55 am the train reached bangalore city station,most of the people who boarded from chennai alighted at bangalore.

Interior of our coach E1
The interior

Some 10-15 people from bangalore  boarded our coach. Around 11.10 am (by 10 minutes late)the train departed bangalore station.From bangalore it was a 2 hour journey while the full journey is for 7 hours.The coach was roughly 40% full as most of the people alighted at bangalore. At around 12.00 am the lunch was served which consisted of  veg pulao, raitha,curd and soan papdi

The lunch

. At around 12.45 pm we crossed srirangapatna and after that the train slowed down and at 13.00 pm we reached Mysore station.Overall experience was good.Comments are welcome.


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  1. Que maravilha. Quase teve todas as refeições durante a viagem. Acho k Moçambique estamos longe para chegar a este nível. Mas parabéns para vocês.


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